GeoTagger & GeoGame

Game with a purpose

This project is sponsored by Yahoo! Company, the employee Jon Rahoi who is also my alumnus of USFCS, I appreciate that he gave me and my team this opportunity to do this project.

There are two part of this project, GeoTagger and GeoGame and I am taking responsible in GeoGame part. The entire web server was build on the Amazon EC2 server, back end server is written in NodeJs and database we used CouchDB. Front-end is JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

We believed that most people knew where the location is, but they do not know where the location is on the map. Thus, we tried to analysis how people are familiar with the locations on the map. The concept we were using is GWAP (Game with a purpose), we built a game to accumulate the results, as more results we got, as more close we can analysis that for most peoples’ understanding, where is that location on the map.

Main page

Before game start, user need to login and select news or events from our database to read, and those data are coming from geo tagger.

events or news information is loading in the iframe


Some instructions for the new users.

Provide basic instruction for users

Pop up google map

Each single news or events will have a correspond location. This initial location is coming from Geo tagger.

where location is related to the events

Get score !!

After clicking on the map we will generate the score based on how close to the actual location, it is just like dart, the more close the more higher score you will get.

Pop up scores after user played

More Info

For more information please visit our project wesite (link is on the left).

JavaScript, Node.JS, CouchDB, HTML, CSS, Google Map API, YUI, Amazon EC2.