Web Component for PayPal Login Button

Web Component for PayPal Login Button

What is web component

Web component is the next version of HTML new feature, it is based encapsulated and interoperable custom elements that extend HTML.

Why Polymer

Polymer is a Google open source project provided polyfill to implment custom elements in current browser which lack of native support.

Install with Bower

bower install webcomponentsjs

Install with npm

npm install webcomponentsjs

Login With PayPal

PayPal provide login with PayPal to allow 3rd party application to integrate with PayPal, instead of using this intruction to create a Login With PayPal button, right now all you need to do is this:


Easy right? provided exactly to same function of loggin with PayPal, but just simpler and lighter for any developer, customer, merchant who wants to sign in to their web site by using PayPal login credentials quickly and securely.

How to use

Just do

bower install paypal-login

More information to create custom element

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